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Comment: people dont get the american dream here.

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people dont get the american dream here.

Although sometimes that is what they come for.

The American dream is long over. All that exists in this country is exploitation of other nations working class. All that exists here is empire, and rule by almighty paper dollar and those who control its printing.

What we offer now for refugees isn't enterprise and entrepreneurship. Its a chance to be another pig at the trough of state and corporate handouts. We can't offer a chance to make your own life, all we offer is a chance to be a cog in the wheel that is the American Empire. And if it is not what you desire, then tough. You're not allowed to do anything else. they would actually force you to do nothing, rather than employ yourself in a way that doesn't benefit the state.

This is the most horrific perversion of the American Nightmare that our forefathers could have dared enter into.

Not only do we have no freedom, no power, and no voice, but we have no spirit.