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Thirteen Words

Probably the most misunderstood while also the most vital 13 Words of the U.S. Constitution, "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State..." What did the Founders mean by "well regulated"? They meant "well organized" and that had been done, year after year in all of the 13 Colonies, by Colonial statues(regulation),then State statues(regulation)since the early 1600's. What was the "Militia"? All able bodied free men,with a few exceptions, between 16-60 years old. This is what was understood by all Americans at the time. For more info, see For nearly 300 years in America we had a very "well organized "Colonial and then State Militia structure, made up of most able bodied citizens. Then in 1903 our brilliant congress, did just the opposite of what WE THE PEOPLE delegated to them to do in Article I sec.8 cl.16 "To provide for organizing... the Militia" They UNorganized the vast majority of the PEOPLE that make up the "Militia" and Organized the "standing" ARMY'S National Guard and falsely claimed that this is now "Militia" This has never been repealed and is not the "Militia"or the "Militia of the several States" as referred to in Article II sec.2 of the Constitution. See also