Comment: Yeah, its kind of like Monsters, Inc. before their transformatio

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Yeah, its kind of like Monsters, Inc. before their transformatio


They scared the kids to get power. What a metaphor! It is exactly what the media does to us, Scares us to take our power.

But we're not kids. We're adults, and as adults we should realize by now that they can't take it without us giving it. And we can't blame other people. There is only one person we have control over, and that is ourselves. And by taking care of yourself, you give the universe the biggest gift.

There is a conscious campaign of fear being waged against us. It comes from everywhere, like it is just seeming in through the cracks in the wall! How do you combat that? That is a question we all have to answer.

So - how do you stop giving your power away?

I stopped watching TV. I only watch the NFL on Sundays. I also find the commercials during football games particularly amusing.

Beer is advertised a lot, and cars, and phones. And the tablet war between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft is coming on strong with their fake iPad, but I'll tell you what. Apple, you better be nervous. Microsoft is relentless. They bite, and hold on and dig in until they muscle everyone out.

This ad. Wow. The last line in this ad cuts right to the bone:

[What the hell is wrong with Apple? Can you make the iPhone bigger? Like the Galaxy? How about turn the mini into a phone? Do something daring. Everything is so damn safe and conservative now that Steve is gone.]

And I saw this commercial while watching the NFL.

Commercials are interesting cultural phenomena

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