Comment: Interesting topic.

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Interesting topic.

I studied Tarot many years ago and became quite adept at it. Haven't done a reading in years, though. Sometimes you are better off not knowing something terrible is going to happen to other people you're reading for. I never told them outright. Just gave warning hints or I would just say that I was unable to read the cards at that time, if it was really bad.

The symbolism in the Waite Ryder cards always came through very clearly to me and made learning easy. Now there's an online course, if you're interested: Use whatever pack "speaks" to you when you look at the cards. For me, it was the Waite Ryder. Crowley completely creeped me out (I always feel the evil around it when I see it) and most more modern decks seemed too fabricated, devoid of any positive vibrations, for me to make the necessary connection with.

Wonder why this post hasn't been trashed by the Bible Thumpers yet, since they fail to see the great spiritual value in things mystical. Maybe it's because Michael posted it?

Lately it seems we can't have in depth, intelligent conversations about anything that isn't "biblically correct" in their narrow interpretations, according to the King James Version (which God personally dictated to Moses, in the King's English, on Mount Sinai... Sorry, I don't know how to do the purple thing). For a good example of how a post is sabotaged, see my recent post on the secret Fatima letter:, which I still think would be of great interest to most of the DP crowd.

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