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and that,my friend

is what i was talking about
fear,as pointed out below is an effective tool
fear keeps people from seeing the big picture.
I remember being told (when the siren sounds,hide under the desk !)
i also remember feeling stupid for doing so
Most on this planet feed from the trough of fear,fed to the masses
through every conceivable manner,it is the greatest tool ever invented
and most buy into it
Your yin and yang seems a bit odd,seeing it looks equal,if everything remains equal,then nothing can get done,equal love to equal hate
equal fear to equally being not
I see it as more of an energy,and it can be manipulated,it has for as long as i can remember,so it can be swung back to where the good things
are drawn from instead of the bad
Now,one would think with the governments.msm's low approval ratings,that people would see,or at least look into the lies they have been told,and maybe,just maybe realize they are the biggest culprits,then question what they have been fed
as for me,i never really had that problem,never watched/read the news,and never learned a thing in school(it bored me),so i was more of an empty canvass waiting for the complete picture to develop

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence