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All of those you list

Can be privatized. What are you? A Statist?

Running water and sewage is already mostly private as it's not a tax. You receive a bill for services directly. In MOST states. Not all.

Same thing with your garbage, I switch garbage companies whenever one gets the nerve to raise my garbage rates. Won't have that "luxury" with a tax.

Your roads are paid for gasoline tax, well they are supposed to be anyway. But because local governments all the way up to the federal government haven't met a tax they can't spend on something else, as current road conditions nationally indicate that tax doesn't work so well either. PRIVATIZE it, and make no bid contracts against the law.

Wells and septic systems work well in suburban settings and I will take a well or septic system over city water and sewage any day of the week.

I won't get hit with any tax, because I am not a participant. All of this is VOLUNTARY.

Taxation is THEFT plain and simple. I will not, and absolutely refuse to pay for services you use.