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Governments are incentivised

Governments are incentivised to fail, private companies are incentivised to succeed. Its why governments always suck at everything they do.

Beuracrate comes in, wants as many people beneath him as possible to buffer him from layoffs. Next he wants to make whatever problem he is charged with solving as bad as possible, because if he ever solved the problem, he would be out of a job. However the worse he makes the problem look, the more funding he recieves. The longer he works at it, the more money he makes.

Governments fail by design. Their purpose is to grow and get as many cows dependant on the system as possible so there will be less to revolt against the farmer.

Private companies have to please their customers in order to profit. Governments have to persist to profit for themselves. They could care less what happens to you or me so long as things aren't bad enough to incite armed rebellion.