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1) "Governments are incentivised to fail"

Proof of intention, please

2) "private companies are incentivised to succeed"

Please define such terms of success

3) "Its why governments always suck at everything they do"

Absolutist disagreement: I am pleased with the government's codification of 'thou shall not violate/(steal) one’s property', and where the falsely accused can make their case in court for example

4) "Governments have to persist to profit for themselves. They could care less what happens to you or me so long as things aren't bad enough to incite armed rebellion"

Partial disagreement: in principle the ethical function of government is to distill conscience regarding individual agency. Subsequently civil stewardship (police for example) is meant to guard one's autochthonic rights as being free from violation, and public chapters ideally are distinguished by conscionable endowment