Comment: That is just an example of a

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That is just an example of a

That is just an example of a mistake, we all know that would be a governments one and ONLY mistake.......that we KNOW off.......DAMN! a contradiction


Sometimes there are somethings that are so simple, that when a person argues it complicated, they are found suspect, and sometimes when a complicated issue is argued as something simple, .....they are found suspect

Recent example
The importance of life vs attacking syria

Sometimes the two go hand in hand, and sometimes we are just not informed to know the details and thus make a decission based on the facts......facts that regardless of content should be based on truth

Sorry for my offtopicness, "ideaological" way i can possibly describe it in one word, at this point in time, is, its like therapy......or more of a discovering of ones self, and a hope that someone who gets me, in the way that people can think like one another, may be further along the road to me and perhaps jumpstart my journey, in the way that i can understand, because of being like minded, they may be able to explain it in ways, using the right words, right sentences, understanding, and describing their thoughts.....purely because we by our very natures are alike, we relate to one another

Again, i have to say im sorry, there is no editorial consideration past "Sorry for my offtopicness, "ideaological" mussings....again", it is quite literally, thoughts being written down as i think on the subject, sorry if that kind of thing is nonsensical.....if that is the right term, hell im not even to sure its a word......let alone the right spelling