Comment: "and you didnt respond to my

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"and you didnt respond to my

"and you didnt respond to my points"

OFFCOURSE, he didnt RESPOND to any of your "points", thats because as soon as you stooped making them, good old bashir, AS AN INTERVIEWER, persistantly decided to intterupt Larry as he was in the process of
And all one has to do is hit the rewind button on the good old trusty vhs player :), and see for them selfs, on the same bleeming RECORDED interview, for petes sake
(someone wanna do the honours of posting the time frame, if you are so inclined offcourse, ill be marking, and ive recently bought a box load of gold stars :)

.this is NOT a RARE MSM "journalist" interrupting someone from making their point against a NARRATIVE the the "journalists" is obviously pushing for........WHERES THE GOD DAMN IMPARTIALITY, the main reason for their opposition, is sometimes NOT for the content, but because there is an OBVIOUS bias......and when it seems ALL of the MAINtream media is following that SAME narrative, bias naturally, turns into SUSPICION

Your own worst enemies, and were just her for the ride for your own self inflicted, unbeknowst to you, demise.......we are NOT calling for it, YOU PRESENT IT, and if the content affects OUR(ALL) lives, OFFCOURSE we may be concerned about it.......IT IS OUR RIGHT, it is our nature..... recognising the infringing of one persons right, is the infringing on ALL peoples right