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Gary North did an article about this very topic a couple years ago. It can probably be found on the archives. It was about a Soviet prisoner. I'm obviously summarizing and getting some details wrong, but the gist of it was that every complaint filed by prisoners had a long, messy process and lots of paperwork. So, this guy filed complaints about everything there was to complain about. Then he got multitudes of other prisoners to do the same. Later, he gave speeches in the U.S. One was at a college where the students had very strict rules regarding behavior, curfew, etc. They approached him after his speech and told him about it, one of the students saying something like, "The only thing we're allowed to do is chew gum." His response: "Then gum is your answer." Everybody started chewing gum all the time and leaving it everywhere, so much so that the policies were changed and the students got what they wanted. Anyway, long post just to say I agree.