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We have the capacity for reason

So we are the only species that knows it is capable of destroying the planet. Any other species without this knowledge would have wiped out even more species than the homo sapien. We are at a turning point on whether or not we want to protect our environment in a reasonable manner. (I am not talking about ridiculous carbon taxes and so forth).

What I am saying is that go back to TDR (a Republican), and he, even, was very concerned about the protection of the nation's wildlife and parklands. Today, you would think if we dropped a giant atomic bomb in the middle of the country, there would bo fallout, because we can do no harm to the environment.

Apologists for this human activity are in massive denial. One year of weather changes is not the same as climate change. The climate changes over long stretches of time. Storms are becoming devastatingly powerful. New Orleans, an entire American city, was wiped out by a massive hurricane. Colorado has suffered massive flooding. Tornadoes devastated Oklahoma.

By the 1950s, bed bug parasites were nearly wiped out by DDT pesticide in the United States. They were completely gone. With rising co2 levels in inner cities, and the ban of DDT because it was destroying entire species of birds and plant life, there has been a massive resurgence of parasites in inner-city dwellings. These parasites thrive on high carbon dioxide levels.

There is no denying change is afoot, and it is likely irreversible. The models show that even if all CO2 activity ceased (an impossibility), the damage will be done by 2050 and irreversible. No carbon tax, nothing will stop the ice sheaths from melting and the sea levels from rising. It will happen, but because its a CLIMATE change, its going to take 50 years. It took a hundred years of smog and unfiltered emissions to begin to start the change. The effect is similar to green house gas planets we see as the likes on Venus and other distant planets where methane and carbon dioxide prevent any form of life due to the extreme heat.

By the end of our lifetimes we will see the scorched land and air conditioning will probably be mandatory all the time. Of course the power brokers want to make profits from the problem; they will be spared its inconvenience in their ivory towers.