Comment: Not to poor to plant a seed

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Not to poor to plant a seed

Never to poor to care for yourself. To poor to prepare is a pitiful and stupid way to feel. What do you want somone to take care of you. Exactly what is poor. If you dont have FRN debt money? To poor to be lazy is the better way. Not to poor to be pitiful.

Its all how you see yourself. You call it homless I call it free. You call it poor I call it free.

So pick yourself up slap yourself up side your face, wake the F up. Look we all are going to die anyway why do you think you need to prepare for that?

God put pleanty of resources on this earth if you think your poor your blind.

PS The You I refer to is not necessarly the poster but it is anyone who is seeking pitty and not taking the effort to care for themselves.