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Step in the right direction

However, you don't need the constitution (scribble on a piece of paper) to grant you 'rights' to carry a gun or be a 'citizen' to carry a gun... just a bunch of mumbo jumbo...

And the main reason to carry the gun is not for sport, or for hunting, or to shoot tin cans... it is for defense against looters and thieves, both individual thieves, and also groups of them known as governments, that steal your money (taxes) and spend it to pay more thug enforcers (some who abide by the constitution, and some who don't)... either way, the constitution, although one of the best scribbles around, still says that you are a slave.

Laws are just threats of violence, they have nothing to do with what is morally right or wrong. As for voting for Rand Paul, it is just more participation in a corrupt system, even if Rand would be a better master. See more info at, especially the video, "I'm allowed to rob you", and try reading his book, The Most Dangerous Superstition. I am not affiliated with Larken, but I do think he has a way of speaking to the crux of the things in a way that anyone can understand,