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I agree with this statement.

But I don't agree with AtalanticIconoclast that Israel is an "apartheid state". It isn't.

Being pro-Israel is not a 'deal breaker' for me. Supporting interventionism, globalism, & fiscal-instability, is.

I am with Rand Paul on Israel. We should end ALL foreign aid. And we should start with the nations that are openly hostile to the USA.
We give 7x times the amount of foreign aid we give to Israel, to Islamic dictatorships that are openly hostile to Israel.
Our tax dollars fund both sides of the middle-east conflict.
The whole thing is orchestrated from the top, and the Globalist Elite of all these countries, including the PLO and Assad as well as certain factions in Israel, are profiting from the death and suffering of their own people, as well as their neighboring countries' peoples.

The Global Elite, who also control the US at the top, are using the ME conflict to start WW3, funded by US tax dollars, to bring forth their New World Order. They are using us, the American people. And that is why, I am opposed to AIPAC's and all the globalist's BS.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?