Comment: I got my father's current alternative MD to

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I got my father's current alternative MD to

finally run a heavy metal test. He previously had a hair analysis from a chiropractor for heavy metals and everything came up normal. This doctor did a provoked urine test using Ca EDTA from Doctor's Data. His results came back as follows (only the metals that were abnormal will be shown):

Metal Result Reference Interval

Aluminum: 65 µg/g creat less than 25

Cadmium: 6.8 µg/g creat less than 0.8

Lead: 22 µg/g creat less than 2

Nickel: 11 µg/g creat less than 8

Uranium: 0.1 µg/g creat less than 0.03

So he excreted almost 2 1/2 times normal amounts of aluminum, 6 times normal amounts of cadmium, 11 times normal of lead, 3 points more than normal of nickel, and nearly a tenth of a point more than normal of uranium. Do any of you think there is any significance to these values, particularly of the lead and cadmium?

On another note, I took my father back to the hospital several days ago after he became nearly unresponsive again, along with the hallucinations. They did a full work-up, and surprise surprise - nothing. They had a geriatric specialist give him a full hour long mental status test and he passed with flying colors. They said that he definitely doesn't have Alzheimer's or Dementia. They started jumping on other "guesses" like maybe his eyes and ears are playing tricks on him, or maybe he's depressed, or maybe this or maybe that. They offered him an anti-depressant drug, but we declined. These stupid conventional doctors know nothing.