Comment: When someone sides with the PAULs on DailyPAUL...

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When someone sides with the PAULs on DailyPAUL...

and makes a reasonable, agreeable, argument consistent with the ideals of liberty... and they're downvoted multiple times...

There's a troll problem.

Seriously, why would you downvote? Because I said Israel is not apartheid state? The Palestinians want to be separate, do they not? They don't want to join Israel, do they? No. So they demand separation, and then call it apartheid? Why, because they cannot produce anything for themselves, and rely on Israel for aid, so they get to complain they don't get enough free stuff, like a bunch of whiny socialists? Is that why it's apartheid? Puh-lease.

Down-vote that.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?