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ditto: my sentiments, exactly

while I still respect Amash, and believe it's a LOT better to have him IN CONgress to, at the least, slow down the pace of tyranny/DHS MRAPs (or Ohio State Uni. po-po's 'new'-ish DFE-paint shiny MRAP) rolling up to my neighbor's cul-de-sac) & the inevitable currency collapse & to cushion the rate of sinking of this USSA Titanic, and while I too 'get' the 'realpolitik' of picking & choosing one's battles & not inviting an unnecessary PR-war, especially when one is a public servant, I too had a similar response, watching him, and in particular, when, and the WAY, Justin answered the question on 9/11 truth, worse: the cheering section in the crowd, at a Ron Paul's C4L (LPAC is mainly their shindig)/YAL/RandPAC event, no less.


from my previous reply to Scawarren, expressing similar sentiments:

I wasn't expecting that
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I wasn't expecting that response from Amash about 9/11 :(

that indeed...

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still, reality will catch up, one way or another; if the people can pressure, however temporary, to cease this phase of PNAC murder-footing in Syria, when the dam breaks, he'll be 'forced' to reconsider if he is, as he has so far demonstrated to be an actual representative to his constituents.

That said, I'm always annoyed with govt servants (which, frankly is a prerequisite natural response anyway. LOL), REGARDLESS of National Security NDA that they're 'required' to sign before seeing classified nat.sec.briefings, when one learns of ILLEGAL UnConstitutional activity, it SHOULD ALREADY be known to them that it's their duty to reveal it to his/her constituency or face the consequences of "MisPrison of Treason" (Reality Check: oh yeah, that's assuming any current statist in govt would actually go after each other, when like some Mafiosi hazings, they're ALL complicit in each other's crimes: if that WEREN'T so, we'd be observing citizens arrest of 99% of CONgress, let alone local level tinpot dictators, right now).

That, part of what Amash said, was more disappointing, but in some sense, he has more faith in the system than I do, as he's firmly of the mind that 'they cannot hide it forever; it always comes out eventually.'

Well, guess from my POV, there's no time to waste in revealing govt crimes.

But, he is still one of the few good ones. Guess in some sense I have more 'faith' in the human race's ability to eventually live consciously (at least more in critical mass of awakened souls, than now), and would have to face up to the 9/11 truth, eventually.

Well, that's my hope (in the Cosmic longview of history sense, in the abstract).

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul