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Nothing, I suppose. All

Nothing, I suppose.

All nations eventually die. The same fate awaits the US. I don't think we need to give up on perfecting a document that is near perfect simply because it is being disregarded by the wicked. Our current Constitution lacks teeth.

I saw a Lysander Spooner quote about the Constitution and your statement above reminds me of it. He states that the Constitution either authorizes this government that we have or is powerless to prevent it. I don't believe it authorizes tyranny but I do agree that it is powerless to prevent it.

At what point do good men stand up and declare they've had enough of a tyrant? We last answered that question over 200 years ago in this country. The truth is, no one really knows. We know we should do something but we aren't sure what or when. Timothy McVeigh made a stand against tyranny when him and Terry Nichols fought back against the abuses committed at Waco and Ruby Ridge. They are demonized by most, but a few of us regard them as just having poor timing.

What if justifiable homicide laws were revised to include murder of a tyrant as justified? Would good people take up arms knowing that they need not fear a life behind bars? I see two ways to end a tyranny: leave it or kill it. I wish our Constitution preserved both options but it is plainly apparent that it doesn't. We had states attempt to leave but we forced them to come back. I fault our Constitution for not making secession an express right such that it would not have required a civil war to sort out whether it is or not. The question of secession as a right should have been sorted out in the courtroom and not on the battlefield and if it were a well-defined right, perhaps our map would look very different today.