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All taxes should be voluntary

I don't need cops, why should I pay for them? I own a gun and carry whenever I can. Most of the criminal acts perpetrated against me were by cops anyway. If we did away with them, I personally would see a decline in the crime rate against me.

Firefighters? Hmmm, you can buy a homeowners policy that covers fire or a renters policy as well. Insurance companies could create fire departments themselves in areas where they deem it to be a cost-effective means of doing business. If we are to keep a fire department, perhaps people could agree to be bound to pay for their services after the fact by registering their home as one to be responded to in such an event. Your insurance company can offer a discount if you opt to register for such protection or decline you if you don't.

Libraries? You don't believe that people could run their own clubs where they share books with each other? A good example of a library that exists without taxes would be the Family History Library in Utah, which is free to the public. Also, the cost of information is going down because of the internet so traditional libraries are not terribly important.

Teachers? If you want your kids educated, educate them yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

Highwaymen are paid for by fuel taxes, which are voluntary. Ask someone who has never owned a car how much they pay in fuel taxes.

Your argument about the cost of education is a non-sequitur. You are implying that education is something that the government is required to provide. I guess it's been going on so long that way that you just assume it must stay that way. Why should someone without a child have to pay for some other person's education? Kids can learn on their own. Watch some videos by Sugata Mitra. How many people have a child that is 4-5 years old and knows how to operate an Xbox? My kids can and they can even find videos online explaining how to do various tricks on games and then they duplicate them. Government schools are good for brainwashing and social engineering. Also, lamenting that you can't afford to educate your own kids if you bore the sole cost suggests the selfish notion that others must pay for your kids. My suggestion would be to buy prophylactics or practice abstinence if you can't afford the expenses related to having children.

Government operations have been funded without income taxes, etc., for a long time. We don't need an IRS. Taxes on fuel, taxes on imported goods, etc. Wars would not be a big concern if not for our own imperialism. An invading force would have to contend with a lot of people willing to defend their homeland.