Comment: Lawmanjed, I appreciate your comments on DP.

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Lawmanjed, I appreciate your comments on DP.

IMO, you always present an intelligent argument worth taking the time to consider. You have made some very valid points (which I believe you made in good faith) but, this isn't one of those. I have read and heard first hand accounts from people (Jew, Christian and Muslim) over the course of many years about Palestine and about Israel and from what I've learned, I have to disagree with you about Israel not being an apartheid state. It is; and Palestine was not the ignorant, lazy, backwater place you seem to believe it was. This is the revisionist version of history being taught in Israeli schools today. (Isn't that what's happening in the schools here, too?)

You seem to be a fair person, one who would prefer the truth, despite the national narrative to which you seem to have fallen victim. I would strongly urge you to read Miko Peled's, "The General's Son", if you haven't already. One Israeli's journey of self discovery and emancipation from the national narrative, led him to a better path for everyone involved. After reading what Peled had to say and learning what he is doing to stand by his convictions, I gained a sense of hope. Please consider this: and come to whatever conclusions you will. But, consider it. It's well worth the time.

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