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Sometimes you just need to wait for a change in the weather

My father was a sailor. He knew something about the weather. If you see a big storm rolling in, and it is going to be you against mother nature out there on the boat - what do you do? Do you want to be out there on your own?

No. That would be putting your life at stake. A bad sailor will go out and drink and wait for the storm to pass. A good sailor will prepare for a change in the weather. He'll get the boat ship-shape. Make sure everything is in good repair. Make sure the boat is well provisioned and strong. Because even on a good day, the sailing the high seas is dangerous. You need to be alert and prepared.

The same is true in these dark days, friend.

My advice is to stay hyper local. Hyper local as in working on oneself.

I recognize that right now, we don't do enough to free ourselves.

This begins at a very fundamental level. I know plenty of people who are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol. I know guys working jobs they hate. I know guys who get bossed around by their wives and girlfriends. I know people who are deep in debt. I know people addicted to food. I know people who are addicted to fear and negativity.

In none of these people are free. And I am of the opinion that if a person can't free himself on that very fundamental level, you shouldn't even think of trying to "free" the country. Or free others from a perceived tyranny.

Sometimes people do deserve their fate. If they want to be blind to the abuse as long as their abusers keep them fat and happy, then I see no salvation for them.

This is true. The committed smoker will ignore the abuse they are heaping on their body, all the while keeping Phillip Morris fat and happy. The same with the Coca Cola company, and Frito Lay.

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The point that I'm making is that the vast majority of Americans have been conditioned, from a very young age, to give away their freedom happily and without awareness. Most of us have no understanding of who we are or what we're capable of.

Begin with your own self. That is what this whole post is about. Start with yourself, but be kind and gentle. Give yourself the gift of presence.

First understand your own suffering. Ask yourself, "How am I not free?" My suspicion is that it is at a more fundamental level than because of government tyranny.