Comment: WTF? Where is all this insane venom coming from?

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WTF? Where is all this insane venom coming from?

LOL, so you mean you weren't being facetious?

You ever waited for a table at a restaurant because you love the food there?

Yeah, but I don't camp out for hours, or days...for food.

And frankly, personally, the notion of waitin' on 'hottest spot' is absurd to me: sorry I had all my fill of it when I lived in NYC during my 20's.

And those businesses (mainly bars/restaurants/clubs) whose bread and butter is 'we're always more in demand than would want to let you in'? To me are fap-fests of insecure overgrown children with business licenses. I generally shun such outfits, anyway.

So... whenTF did I say this?

I know you think Apple execs are actually Illuminati hierarchs and it's all part of their master plan to put us in FEMA camps and all, but some of us choose to live in a more realistic world.

Why are you projecting your seething insecurities?

And, I'm the one who apparently doesn't "live in a more realistic world" when you're the one who apparently seems to be more comforted by digital gadgets (otherwise why go out of your way to defend, of all things, waiting in line to buy a phone that you can buy online, from home without wasting time in line...for hours?), than reality, not to mention, replying to someone that you've imagined to be?

Frankly, I don't give a fcuk about your buying habits. Nor, do I 'hate' high-technology, nor have I ever testified to your illusory allusions.

Not expecting you to, but apparently, you haven't read much of my DP threads, if you're jumping to obnoxiously unsubstantiated conclusions that I'm somehow anti-high tech or believe "Apple execs are actually Illuminati hierarchs."

What are you, five?

That said, what the Ancients built? That's high-tech; if iPhones are your idea of epitome of high-tech, something's definitely ass backwards about you.

Well nice to have 'met' you. If this is how you talk to people you've never 'met' WTF makes you think I'll give a fcuk what you gotta say?

Plus, seeing as how I never singled you out to be a 'zombie,' when the thread spoke in broad terms, why would you volunteer to deny to be something that I've never personally accused you individually of?

Where's the gain?

Also, you do realize that your reaction is wholly collectivist, right?

The whole 'I never called YOU a zombie, but because you THOUGHT I called those who share your similar longing-for-wasting-time-extraneously-in-lines-to-simply-buy-a-product-that-you-can-equally-buy-online-without-camping, you felt the need to defend your consumerist-pedestrian-camping-defense-corps-collective'-thingy?

Kinda ironic, considering you have a picture of Lysander Spooner on your profile page, no?

So are you like pre-emptively defending yourself against your future (or current) choice of a consumer product purchase?

WTF? LOL. I've seen weird replies before, but your preemption definitely takes that cake!

Well, if indeed this is your idea of some strange daily ritual to fulfill some emotive dispersal quota, I'd say go on, more power to ya. But I suggest you find yourself a more amenable target.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul