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Not really,

The thread is merely a commentary/observation on the ritualistic human purchasing behavior, not about Apple, per-se.

I'd have posted the same, if the wait-line outdoor camping-line for the phone in question was a Droid variant like Samsung Galaxy or Motorola.

Don't know why if it's clear for most of y'all to go beyond L v. R, yet not see the corollary here.

For your reference though, I've ran both Apple and PC products concurrently for years.

Frankly, hate'em all. They ALL suck! LOL.

I've used everything from early DOS, to UNIX/Silcon-Graphics Unix variant to the current Win. & OSX, and Android

They all have FBI/NSA backdoors, every single one of those fcukers collude with the State. And, now, with Steve Jobs gone, the luster of Apple has gone with it; I was willing to tolerate some of their govt-acquiescence, as frankly, there weren't much alternative, then.

But now, post-Snowden revelations? There are even less reasons to use Apple products, IMO.

Though granted, the [I've never believed your obviously sarcastic motto of "Don't be Evil"]-Google (NSA/CIA-In-Q-Tel) Droids and corporatist eugenicist Bill Gates' Microsoft-'smartphone' variants aren't much better, either. But, like the Whole-'Nothing Artificial EVER!'-Foods' GMO con, and human social interactions in real life, unfortunate reality is that 'betrayal' always is/feels MUCH worse, than say...who were always 100% a-holes, all the time, ie: Microsoft and Google. No? LOL.

I know: silly. But, you know it's true. Even in politics, wouldn't any of us consider it a much graver cross, IF a r3VOL-leaning politician or activist were to screw us over, than an obvious neoCon, who has always been a PNAC POS, like McNutt or Graham?

Plus, even design direction-wise, I could hardly imagine Steve Jobs would EVER sign off on that Swiss cheesehole Fisher-Price kids' toy looking case design for their new iPhone 5C.

quasi-pretentious, artsy-fartsy design geek critique ALERT!

There is a principle of visual design element constant: generally speaking, the graphic pattern should not overload disproportionately, vs the base volume and/or shape.

There's a reason why pin-striped suits look more elegant, vs. four-inch wide stripes: then, it stops being a $3000~10,000 bespoke suit; it becomes a walking sartorial 'Angola chain gang jumpsuit'-caricature.

Also if you've seen the last two iterations of the the 'new' Superman, if you observe the 'suit,' it's not just indigo-'blue:' it's a millions of tiny 'blue'-scaled textures, that give the appearance, that 'communicates:' it's more than what it seems.

Simply put, the hole sizes are too big, in proportion to the overall size of the iPhone 5C itself.

That's why kids' toys are big and exaggerated: supposedly, kids respond to large pattern contrasts quicker in their development years; so as to 'nurture' that visual discernment skill, people for generations, and later on, the toy industry, have long adopted that understanding and manifested them in their products.

Plus, the iPhone 5C is not as if it's a design evolution a la Porsche 911: from the original VW Bug to its 60's debut to now, where the design language evolution is unmistakable; you can visually trace its design lineage from the original '63.

So, aside from the iPhone-ness of the iPhone: the base flat rectangular block with radius-ed corners and a large screen, by introducing the plastic color element, the focus now shifted to being about the 'colored-holes,' and NOT the elegance of the 'designed simplicity' that has become Steve Jobs' design decision hallmark.

Steve Jobs truly was an artistic conductor.

You can literally see all of Jobs' design decision minutiae, the meticulous design directives present in all the products he's ever been involved in.

So, while obviously, Steve Jobs never physically 'sculpted' the designs himself, but, like any known painter, any observer who learns to distinguish that painter's works, after awhile, would know HOW to identify any of his works, just by looking at a collection of brushstrokes on a canvas: Jobs' 'signature' strokes, become utterly identifiably unique.

So, once the color elements are introduced, it immediately becomes about HOW the current line of iPhone 5C continues the 'new' design lineage that began with the 'candy apple'-Apples: the iMac. Arguably THE first real "personal" Personal Computer. Then of course, their later 'budget-line' iPod iterations like the Nano.

But, gone are their luscious 'candy-apple'-ness of the frosted plastics/polycarbonates used in early iMacs or the sweet anodized colored aluminum-ness of their recent 'budget'iPod lines that really broke the mold. And, IMHO, if it's meant to invoke that oh so short-lifespan 'design heritage'? I'd say the iPhone 5C fails, miserably.

The new iPhone 5C color covers just look like something you won at a local Chuck E. Cheese franchise, IMO.

quasi-artsy-fartsy design geek critique soapbox, completed. xD

Apple WAS Steve Jobs. Now, it's just another soulless behemoth.

If you thought observing "PC Zombies" hatin' on Apple was a kick?


Equally bemusing to me, are the Apple fanboys calling PC users as "zombies," as if there's some point to be 'won,' when they all collude with the national security state. Don't know, guess I don't get all tribal over consumer brands.

Guess it'll always be that way, just as in the guns, motorcycles, and cars and everything else in between:

1911 vs. Glocks
Glocks vs. HKs

AR vs. AK
Remington 870 vs. Mossberg 500

.45ACP vs. 9mm
5.56x45 vs. 5.45x39

Harley-Davidson vs. Indian

Personally, I just never saw the point, I suppose; guess I've never anthropomorphized synthetic consumer goods to the point of wanting to tribally defend it. So, all of this is honestly, in fact, wholly foreign to me.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul