Comment: A Republic doesn't make much sense....

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A Republic doesn't make much sense....

A Republic is an indirect form of Democracy (a chosen "representative" speaks on your behalf in theory). But that very indirection, and (unnecessary) consolidation of power, is responsible for the ease of corruption, and therefore the undoing, sabotaging, and the denial of actual public representation.

So with a Republic, the people vote not directly for policies or on choices, but instead vote only for just some clown "representative" to be their advocate. Why? What this does is just invest all the power into the hands of just a few god damn elite people -- and robs the people of all their native decision making power, their self-determination, their free will, their voice, and independence of thought

So this is a bad consolidation of political power. And as we all know, consolidation corrupts and absolute consolidation corrupts absolutely.

It then becomes very, very easy for Wall Street, the Rockefeller Think Tanks, Big Corporations, and the Globalists to bribe, intimidate, corrupt, blackmail, and pressure all of these small tiny handful of representatives (sitting ducks)-- and totally and completely Hijack the Country against the interests of the people themselves.

This is exactly what happened to this Country, and it is the inevitable result of a "Republic". Never let someone else do the job, when you can do it better yourself.

We the people should have a direct voice, and direct votes on all policy matters, and direct participation in the decisions of this Country. That is the only way self-determination can be realized (think of all the Wars we could have prevented -- if the will of the people determined whether Military Authorization passed).

It is much, much harder to bribe millions of people, then it is to bribe just a few 100 people (a.k.a phony "representatives"). This is the reason why a Republic is doomed to fail.

Finally, The Internet is a "Democracy" (successful) -- everyone gets to speak. A Republic robs you of your voice and self-determination.