Comment: Not A Valid Comparison

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Not A Valid Comparison

Although communities, cities, states have the right to make rules/laws for the use of their collectively owned property, the rules/laws cannot violate an individual’s rights where there is no risk of harm to others or their property.

Driving through a red light puts others at risk of harm and so trumps the individual’s right to do so. Not wearing a seatbelt, on the other hand, doesn’t put anyone else at risk of harm and so mandating its use is a violation of one’s rights.
Mandatory seatbelt laws are more comparable to drug use laws. If I choose to put myself at risk of harm by using drugs that’s my business.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I almost always wear my seatbelt and ‘drugs’ aren’t really my thing. I do like to have a couple of beers from time to time though and I would never want anyone to violate my right to do so.