Comment: Social engineering

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Social engineering

for the benefit of the bottom line of the corporate interests.
Have you personally done research on seat belt use and injuries?

I have.

Short version: I was hit head on by an airborne car traveling 80 mph.
I had no seat belt on.
I walked away.
My passenger in the front seat did have his seat belt on.
He almost died from a fractured sternum and a bruised heart. He spent two weeks in the hospital.

Long version:
In 1984 I was hit head on by a car full of drugged up Hispanic kids who stole the car from the driver's aunt.
I had a 1978 Monte Carlo land on my windshield like bird s-h-i-t.
That car was uninsured and unregistered.

The Monte Carlo went over the center guard rail so hard (80 mph) that it sheered the wheels off the car.

I was traveling slow in the far right lane because I was slowing down for a car to my right that was on fire. It was 4 am on I-95 in Connecticut. That car had to cross three lanes of a four lane road to get to me.

There was no way I could escape the flying Monte Carlo. When I looked out my windshield it was all I could see. Two headlights.