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Comment: Crux of the matter is: NO text EVER written can defend itself

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Crux of the matter is: NO text EVER written can defend itself

The crux of the matter is : NO text EVER written can defend itself - CAN, COULD, or WILL.


ANYONE can write down and propose to make "1 + 1 = 2" into a Supreme Law that everybody ought to abide to...


if the people ever gets dumbed down or rotten enough to believe and follow, instead, those who, by demagoguery, claim that "1 + 1 = 3" (to prop up whatever agenda they have deem better than the first interpretation)...

... it CAN and it WILL happen that "1 + 1 = 2" will be as if it was NEVER written, inevitably.

And what once was at the same time, maybe, law, common knowledge, common sense, rationality, or wisdom... will just happen to be fated to go into oblivion - by mere lack of sufficient conservative practice.

Texts mean NOTHING if people don't care enough about language and the crucial INVARIANTS of it that people have originally unanimously agreed upon, and that ought to be remembered, recalled, and respected - to continue to exist.

Just like natural rights : we LOSE them the VERY second we accept to cease exercising them.

Restoring this :

absolutely IMPLIES - BEFOREHAND - the restoring, in people's mentalities, of the respect for the literal meaning of things in language.

And THAT IS HOW, precisely, I interpret A MAJOR facet of Dr. Ron Paul's four decade-long educative effort - ONGOING :

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