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Comment: It's all about the boiling frog, really.

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It's all about the boiling frog, really.


(I assume it's your first name)

it's all about the boiling frog, you know.

It always starts "soft". And it only gets worse as time passes. If we had a time machine, we could ask the mensheviks or the trotskyists how that worked out for them.

America really needs to understand a simple thing about what's looming on her dark horizon. There are only two component populaces having the shared dream of an "ideal collectivist society":

a) the useful idiots, and

b) the thugs.

When not fought in time, the latter always end up having the former for breakfast, along with the opposition (that would be us).

Common Core is only one out of many, many, many facets of "the plan" they wish to put in place against liberty, and for the sole benefit of themselves, spreadsheet worshiping thugs - present or future.

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