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Comment: The irony thickens.

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The irony thickens.

The people pushing really HARD for the US to bomb Syria are the Israeli government and their AIPAC stooges. The same people want us to continue murdering their enemies for them . . . just as they planned when their attack dog Mossad actually carried out the 9/11 attack. Seizing control of the planes was done remotely, and the planes were steered into the buildings on autopilot. There were no Arab hijackers. And ALL the people we've put in Guantanamo have been patsies -- every single one. Some of the actual saboteurs -- Mossad agents who couldn't resist "documenting the event," -- setting up in advance to film the attack on the twin towers -- were captured by the FBI, but were all returned to Israel on orders from Judge Michael Chertoff, a dual passport holder (US/Israel) who later (more irony) sold the US government on using Rapiscan machines in our airports.

Is it ironic that the people we blamed -- incorrectly -- for 9/11 should now be our only allies to attack the Assad regime? To accomplish more butchery for their putative enemy, Israel? You betcha.

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