Comment: I met an internet troll in person in 1995.

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I met an internet troll in person in 1995.

I was working at a place called Sheltered Industries which was for people who were physically, mentally, or in my case, legally challenged.

We got paid 'piecework' which came to about $2.50 per hour if you busted your butt. One of my coworkers was a cocky kid my age. He had Asperger's Syndrome - a more functional affliction on the higher-functioning end of the Autism spectrum. One day he was goofing around wasting time and distracting everyone so I said to him "why don't you just work instead of goofing off. The time will go by faster and you'll at least make a little money."

He said "I don't care about the money. After I graduate high school my dad's getting me a job as an internet cop."

He explained that his job was going to be to go onto 'usenet' groups and look for people talking bad about the government. He described his job as being what we would later come to call 'trolls'.

I didn't go onto the internet until 2001 but by then it was easy enough to find people with his job description hard at work.

Wow, I hate trolls.

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