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Whatevski. What I like is

Whatevski. What I like is that, as long as I'm in a primary offense seat belt state, if I don't wear a seat belt, men and women wearing government-owned (which is to say purchased with funds stolen by force and/or fraud) outfits and carrying government-owned firearms amongst other government-owned weaponry will put on flashing lights and sirens of government-owned vehicles intending to make me pull over. I will pull over, then they will not only force me to put my seat belt on, but they will also issue me a demand/threat for money, insisting I owe them my property as a result of failing to protect myself with a seat belt in my car, despite my lack of memory of ever having promised them I would do so or agreeing to such consequences should I not. Should I resist putting my seat belt on, resist accepting their notice of demand, or resist paying the demand, they will kidnap me and put me in a cage. Of course, if I resist said kidnapping, they will beat, electrocute, or kill me as necessary. It is a totally reasonable cause-and-effect sequence of events. Reason #7,744 I love living in a free country. Liberty rAwKs y'all!

You know, while I'm not anti-abortion, it's quite astonishing when, in an attempt to view a society logically, you consider the fact that it's perfectly "legal" to kill a human being that's still inside its mother, but "illegal" to operate a motor vehicle without securing yourself to your seat with a strap. Kill the baby inside you? Sure! Attempt to live without purchasing a commodity called health insurance? ILLEGAL. THOU SHALT FEEL THE WRATH OF THY GOD THE GOVERNMENT. Crossing the street to have your unborn child murdered? Not a problem... so long as you cross inside the designated crosswalk during and only during the time in which the crossing signal says you are allowed to cross. Otherwise, your death-session will have to wait until you've identified yourself to a representative from the government that will then write up a demand for your money as punishment for failing to cross the street in a manner not sanctioned by government. Now you go have that infant slaughtered, but don't let me see you jaywalking ever again. ARE WE CLEAR?