Comment: We're all mentally ill

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We're all mentally ill

If they link mental illness to guns ownership. We'll all be deemed mentally ill. Marxist public schools already dope up >20% of boys for ADD/ADHD (<6% girls). 20% of women 30yr and up are on antidepressants (16%-12yr & up, 25%-45-55yrs). Once a mental health gun control system was in place all sorts of seemingly minor problems will be added. 5th graders getting into a fight would be sent to school nurse. Nurse would require a full mental health evaluation. Doctor would prescribe balls-numbing drugs. All without notification of parents.
I firmly believe people who are an imminent threat to others physical safety should be locked up in either prison or hospital. If they're only crazy and/or an ex-con, all rights including 2nd should be retained.