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No one ever mentions

No one ever mentions how seat belts increase the risk of an accident in SOME situations. Not many, but some. There is no doubt in my mind about this. I work in the mountains in the summer and drive on a lot of winding mountain roads. A couple of times per day I will need to make a very sharp turn and my seatbelt will lock up on me and hinder my ability to turn the wheel. This has never caused me to go off the road, but it has caused me to swerve more than I would like. Thank God I have never met an oncoming car this way.

So then I always have to weigh who benefits from the driver's(my) seatbelt use. The driver may in this situation(my opinion), but the passengers certainly do not. They do not since my likelihood of getting in an accident increases from my seatbelt use. Then I usually have to take it off and risk the ticket, possible employer troubles, and my safety to protect my passengers; since that is my primary duty as driver(my self assigned duty).

What a crime to use a law to prevent someone from using their own judgment when trying their best to protect their family or coworkers.

How about drivers driving more recklessly because they have a seat belt on(from a feeling of invincibility or whatever)? Don't anyone try to tell me they wouldn't slow down in some situations if they had no seatbelt or airbag or any safety features. How can anyone realistically claim making seatbelt use mandatory has not caused or led to more accidents? Now I am not arguing that total injuries have increased or anything because of seatbelt use(I don't believe that). All I am saying is that those who would force me to wear a seatbelt have at times endangered my passengers and have at other times had to have caused an accidents somewhere.