Comment: So you shun anything popular.

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So you shun anything popular.

So you shun anything popular. Ok, that's cool. But your position seems to be that that somehow makes you smarter than those who don't. I'm not sure what sorts of things bring you joy in life, but there are those who find joy in things you don't. Some folks love art. Some love fashion or food. Some love music. Some love cars while others love tech. The reason my avatar is of Lysander Spooner is because I love freedom and desire a stateless society where the fruits of the free market can be enjoyed freely. I'm not sure how waiting in line for something one values is antithesis to that. For all the horrible shit going on this world, I don't think wanting the latest edition of something you enjoy is worth getting too concerned about.

For jumping to conclusions and assuming you were just generally opposed to technology I apologize.