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your comment is more full of

your comment is more full of sh1t than a christmas turkey.

1) you assume I'm religious
2) you attribute to a personal statement of feeling "confirmation bias"
3) claim some other posts somewhere have been destroyed already, a pointless claim anyone can make about anything
4) make emotional, demagogic references to priest scandals not pertaining topic at hand
5) submit that there is no atheist doctrine or belief structure, ignoring the possibility that the absence of God could lead to many reasonable doctrines and claims (all the major ideologies, from utilitarianism to marxism to nationalism, elitism, population control, earthism, eugenics, transhumanism, et al) being mutually valid and possible, morality itself being subjective and defined by the individual free agent.
6) pretending any of the above were invalid or ruled out as falling back on an objectivism in morality not justified by a genuine embrace of atheism, since man - individual man - is the ultimate judge.
7) you pretend religious doctrines can be proved or disproved, or have been so, when in fact they operate on the all-or-nothing plane of revelation and faith. if a doctrine was true, it would have no obligation to justify itself to you with proof, it would either be true or not true in and of itself. everything else you could throw out at it would be a red herring. (the fossil record, creationists, hell, et al.)
8) see that you're the only one being emotional and illogical.