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...I'm saying that if atheism is true, then there is no ultimate meaning to anything. In the end, nothing matters; nobody's around to care one way or the other about anything.

I agree with Bill that Nietzsche was at least open and honest about the logical conclusions of his atheism. All our bluster and bother about supposedly 'important' things in life is reduced down to futility and absurdity in terms of the big picture.

If Love and Person are transcendent (I agree with Plato on this), then everything is important, and everything has purpose. Love, Person, Beauty, Goodness, Numbers, Reason, etc. are actually the basis of all else, from which everything else, even the material universe is derived. I think Plato and the Pythagoreans were really on the right track in some ways.

(Fascinating, seeing the resonances between the Hebrew and Greek poles of thought within the Christian faith -- no wonder some called Plato, 'Moses Atticus'! I disagree with Tertullian: 'What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?...')