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here's the original GQ blurb

+ I almost forgot what completely nasty little schits the GQ scribes were, from their AquaBuddha BS, as if there was anything to it, even if so, beyond your run of the mill college kid prank. But then again, they're starting their anti-Rand BS, early; check out their 2016 GOP candidate chart & the description, at the end of the page:


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: McCain & Graham = "Traitors" working w/Netanyahu to set America on War-footing vs Iran

** Speaking of the Senile WarWHORE Whackobird who projects his lunacy by maligning others as crazies:

Ted Cruz: The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas
In less than a year, Texas Republican Ted Cruz has become the most despised man in the U.S. Senate. He's been likened to Joe McCarthy, accused of behaving like a schoolyard bully, and smeared by senior members of his own party. Is this any way to get ahead in Washington? Well, Cruz is no dummy—just ask him—and his swift rise might prove that it's the only way

By Jason Zengerle
October 2013

He f**king hates Cruz," one adviser of the Arizona senator told me. "He's just offended by his style." PHOTO: Chris Buck

It's hard for Ted Cruz to be humble. Part of the challenge stems from his résumé, which the Texas senator wears like a sandwich board. There's the Princeton class ring that's always on his right hand and the crimson gown that, as a graduate of Harvard Law School, he donned when called upon to give a commencement speech earlier this year. (Cruz's fellow Harvard Law alums Barack Obama and Mitt Romney typically perform their graduation duties in whatever robes they're given.) Even Cruz's favorite footwear, a pair of black ostrich-skin cowboy boots, serves as an advertisement for his credentials and connections. "These are my argument boots," he told me one morning this summer as we rode the subway car beneath the Capitol to a vote on the Senate floor. "When I was Texas solicitor general, I did every argument in these boots. The one court that I was not willing to wear them in was the U.S. Supreme Court, and it was because my former boss and dear friend William Rehnquist was still chief justice. He and I were very close—he was a wonderful man—but he was very much a stickler for attire."

It was only after Rehnquist died that Cruz felt comfortable wearing his cowboy boots in the Supreme Court—and only then because John Roberts ("a friend for many years") blessed it. "I saw John shortly after his confirmation," Cruz said, "and I guess I was feeling a little cheeky, because I took the opportunity to ask, 'Mr. Chief Justice, do you have any views on the appropriateness of boots as footwear at oral argument?' And Chief Justice Roberts chuckled and he said, 'You know, Ted, if you're representing the state of Texas, they're not only appropriate, they're required.' "

Check out these degenerate GQ Mag propagandists; they're starting early! Check out how they describe Rand! Arghghghgghhggh:

Seriously, WhoTF takes Bobby Bacala seriously?

NO ONE who actually knows anything about anything, let alone sheeple drones, would EVER remember this RINO moron, come 2017; like Wrongney, he'll be nothing but an obnoxious memory, post election-cyle. Yet, the MSM, as always, doing their Ruling Class-sycophantic best, need a loser ringer to set up the horserace TO lose. So what else is new? Regardless, it never fails to disgust, either way.

Rhetorical, but STILL: howTF do these douchebags live with themselves, lying, smearing, and stretching reality, day in and day out, for a 'living?'

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul