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I beg to differ further

I understand what you're saying.

A believer believes in something.
An atheist believes in nothing.
However, I'd disagree that an agnostics' belief is "null" - null is synonyms with nothing (AKA atheists) - it's a belief in all things possible, but not without reason.

Agnostics explore all possibilities within reality. That doesn't mean I'm saying that "within reality" that God does not exist, but that I won't believe in God, simply on faith.

You can either take that or leave it. I won't attempt to change your opinion, I will only proudly display my own, without change, and without regret.

I label myself an agnostic, as I truly represent its' colors and if you want to attempt to change its' definition, that's up to you, not me. All I can say is that I am an agnostic by my definition, not yours.