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Then you're an idiot

Who doesn't deserve the time of day.

Attributing a belief system such as "no ultimate meaning for life" to people based on what they don't find sufficient evidence for is pure lunacy and craziness. Atheists don't believe anyone, don't even pretend to have an idea like that, they ONLY REJECT A CLAIM, for a multitude of reasons.
Atheism is no more a belief system than not believing in Santa. You don't believe in Santa? Okay, you are achristmasist.... Therefore you think sharing gifts with family is bad, you believe chimneys are evil, you believe that red suits are of the grinch and you want everyone who has fun on christmas to be murdered.

How retarded do you have to be to make that leap in judgement? Only as stupid as your average DailyPaul Christian.

No train to Stockholm.