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1) You admit you're religious in the poem by invoking personal Gods as realistic options for "non-believers" to reject. Instantly recognizable.
2) You appeal to confirmation bias by even posting this. You didn't invent the term "god" or even define it. You used the common conception of it in a clear appeal to your education on the subject.
3) I don't claim they are destroyed, go through the history of the posts.... The claims for religious truth don't have one ounce of evidence behind them, they never have and they never will.(if you disagree, go find evidence for a religious claim and present it for everyone to see, we both know you won't even attempt it, so give this up right now)
4) Priest scandals are in the news all the time, there is 100,000,000 times the evidence for priests committing fraud and abuse than there is even a small fraction of evidence for the pretend existence of a God.
5) You can name any ism you want, not a single one of them can be applied to atheists in general or en masse. If you think you found one, come ask me if I believe in it and you'll find you are severely uneducated on the subject of religion denial.
6) You again fail immediately, right out of the gate, you assume because someone rejects a personal God that they can't believe in a moral truth in nature or natural law. You shouldn't even be posting on a libertarian website, let alone a religious one, as you don't even have the basic arguments figured out yet. You should probably leave this website in complete humiliation after this post. You fail big time, son.
7) You decree that religious doctrines require faith when MANY apologists say they are inherent truths? You're an idiot. You're not only over-stepping your cranial capacity, you're claiming knowledge you cannot possibly have. You have just put yourself into the category of a person who cannot be trusted, believed or taken seriously in one section of one response on an internet forum. That is pathetic and stupid.
8) Name the emotion that has guided my post and the logic I have abandoned, if you dare. Let's see how stupid you really are.

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