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Ok... forget 'transcendent reality'. What is the ultimate meaning of your life, and your struggle for Liberty, once you and everyone else, and everything you struggled for are gone, and there is no one around to care, one way or another? What will it all have mattered?

Surely you don't call your mother a retarded, stupid idiot, at least not to her face? I'm saying, you don't have to hurl personal insults to discuss these things. Speak truth in Love...

I am also unsure of why you say atheism is not a belief. Not believing in theism is true of both agnostics and atheists, but agnostics don't deny that ultimate Person might be true. Atheists believe there is no such ultimate Person in reality -- they don't just stop at being unsure about it; they deny it.

If I deny atheism, I am believing that theism is true.

If I deny theism, I am believing that atheism is true.

If I neither affirm nor deny atheism/theism, I am agnostic.