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No need to apologize; we're cool.

that said: Huh?

So you shun anything popular.

I do?


You've 'known' me...all of what?

By virtue of the fact that anyone of us regularly purchase manufactured items that have been produced in the millions of units, if you bought something, and others also have it, and the manufacturer's output for that particular product exceeds 10 container worth of shipment to their distributors and retailers?

Isn't that 'popular' by definition?

Now, if you meant to say, like 'pop-culture-popular'-popular?

I don't know: I figure, if someone advertised something, and I saw it, I assume it's trying to BE popular.

So whether I buy a given item because I needed/wanted it, or because of superficial subjective allure like the look of it, is immaterial to my personal purchase decision process: in the end, I bought it.

My purchasing hierarchy: I buy what I consider bare minimums, tools, luxuries, then those things with 'extra-cool' factor. But, that could just be my particular buying process.

But for god's sakes Revere, if you've been proven wrong (as you yourself just admitted) about jumping to conclusions about someone you've just begun replying to, you really should stop with the whole 'jumping to conclusions'-thingy. No?

But your position seems to be that that somehow makes you smarter than those who don't.

Again, with your attempt at mind-reading!

To me, anyone who answers in that manner, IS himself subconsciously excising his own internal values, outside: basically YOU are communicating to me that YOU're the one who actually views things, in that way.

Because, flipping the situation, if YOU were the one who posted my 'anti-Apple iPhone 5S/5C' threads, to express your distaste for something, I personally wouldn't automatically assume that you're doing so, because you see yourself better than others.

Because, that? Would 100% be illogical. Especially in the MANNER in which such distaste was expressed: I didn't simply knock it for the sake of knocking it; I cited my reasons: mainly 'betrayal' of their loyal customers with their NSA collusion, and frankly post-Jobs poor design direction (which is wholly individually subjective), and especially those who are even aware of the post-Snowden revelation, STILL willing to camp-out to buy it, or at least express sympathy to those who do.

For all the horrible shit going on this world, I don't think wanting the latest edition of something you enjoy is worth getting too concerned about.

I'm NOT concerned about it; seeing as how I'm an on-again/off-again prolific DP poster: just because I post something, doesn't mean I'm 'end of the world'-worried/concerned about that particular topic cited in the video.

But Revere, you seem to be doing a lot of "she doth protests too much;" you seem more concerned about the fact that I don't like what you like: mainly the Apple iPhone 5S (I dislike it for VERY specific reasons, as cited previously), and the Apple fanboys' camp out purchase ritual, than I'm actually NOT worried...about...somethin'


It's almost... as if one is seeking approval or disappointed that I seem to not like or enjoy the things that you enjoy and/or like.

Um, are we going out?

Damn brah, you're trying to change my phone choices, and we have barely even shared a cup of latte, yet!

lol. I kid 'cause I love.D

I 'get' it: we all defend things we love and/or are passionate about from small to big things that give us joy as humans at varying degrees. Because that's what love is: emotional, and often irrational.

I also 'get' that every decision someone makes is an extension of their internal value system, manifested outside: from choice of threads, type of phones, guns, motorcycles, music, movies, cars, girlfriends/boyfriends, social circles, to politics, etc.

I 'get' it: those 'superficial' things shouldn't matter, and in it of themselves, they don't.

Though, in relationships, they ARE important, however, to the extent that they communicate the nuances of your partner's value system.

Like: you can't be into hardcore punk rock and she into Bieber. Or hey, may be you like the fact that your girl can be cheeseball girly-gurly and be into Bieber, while you're all hardcore. To each his own.

Those are all individual subjective choices. Point being, they matter more, in the symbolic sense, as an outward manifestation of someone else's internal thinking/value processes.

That's why politics is always personal to most people: when someone attacks an ideology or those whom you deem worthy to represent a given ideology you value, you defend it, as if they just attacked you. Just like how many here, including myself, are always willing to defend Ron Paul vs. neoCons & neoLibs and everyone in between. LOL.

That goes without saying: it's just human nature and reality of things.

I get and accept that.

The distinction I would discern, however, is this: YOUR choice and/or MY choice of phones, or however rabidly or timidly YOU and/or I may nerd-rage about something, or not, has no influence or direct/indirect impact on me or my life, period.

But, politics, as it stands?

It does.

Because assuming you really do lean more voluntaryist in the Ly Spooner tradition: it's an abhorrent notion that any group of thugs would sit and write policy papers, implement it, sneak it through their corporatist enforcement mechanism, institute it as 'law,' which will in fact delude itself righteous as to lord over those whom never agreed to it.

So, frankly to me personally, it makes SENSE, to give a fcuk about outside assholes seeking to control you through the con of govt, and all their political machinations and pomp and circumstances circus from various rallies, to 'get out the vote' efforts to myriad of other opinion/social engineering efforts to give the sheeple populace the delusion that they're the ones making political decisions that affect their and others' lives, when in reality, they don't get to truly make that decision, in the current status quo political infrastructural paradigm.

What DOESN'T make sense, is drawing out difference over consumer product purchase decisions and ritual purchase behavior, that you NOR I will force upon each other.

That, is the 'priority' difference distinction I choose to exercise.

Sure, I may jokingly 'bicker' with my friends and strangers over various range of nonsensical irrelevancy like, what do you prefer:

- Samsung or Apple?
- AK or AR?
- 9mm or .45ACP?
- Harley vs. Honda?
- Honda vs. Ducati?
- Dewalt vs. Porter-Cable (oh wait they're now both under Black & Decker! LOL!)

etc. etc. etc.

But, I and those whom I choose to 'debate' over/with, on the most part, KNOW the geopolitical relevance of these topics, in terms of priority hierarchy: mainly, they don't matter, in the aggregate.

But, 'we' also know that those little things add to life's experiences.

So to me, anyone getting this bent out of shape over my simple consumer choice to not wanting to buy something and observation of others, and dragging it on and on over two threads and several reply boxes?

Is frankly, kinda weird.

Plus, all these wild unsubstantiated conclusions that you jump to about me in your fit of fanboy nerd-rage?

Not exactly conducive to civil discussions.

Especially, as you may have noticed, I never directed either of the two 'anti'-iPhone 5S threads against "Revere 1776." Yet you took it so personally that you had a "need" to tell me...several times...over several reply boxes.


Now, ever ask yourself, why you think it's 'okay' for you to publicly profess your love for Apple products, but it's NOT okay for me to express my distaste for one particular model of Apple iPhone, and the camp-out-purchase ritual, for very specific reasons x, y, z? ?

My reasons? The NSA, making Biometric-ID 'chic' by giving it the 'Apple'-treatment, the NSA (did I say that twice?)?? Plus, their new 5C-line cheapened the visuals of the brand for me, somewhat.

I mean, do you see me wildly jumping to a conclusion, that because you Revere1776 love something, somehow you 'must be feeling superior than me?'


You see me going around insecurely projecting:

This high and mighty attitude toward technology and "consumerism" is just getting so laughably old. Mindlessly lining up for a flu shot, fine...I mean, seriously. What fucking tower of superiority do you fancy yourselves looking down from? Yes, the fact you didn't line up for the device you surf this site on makes you sooo much more intellectual.


I know you think Apple execs are actually Illuminati hierarchs and it's all part of their master plan to put us in FEMA camps and all, but some of us choose to live in a more realistic world.

So, as you may imagine my bemusement at the prospect of you accusing me of "Mindlessly lining up for a flu shot?"

I'm all like, 'I did? WHEN? I feel the need to check for nurse's needle marks!'


And...."Apple execs are actually Illuminati hierarchs?" Or, do you mean: Illumi-na-tai?? Dan dan DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


Though, you know: if someone were to ask me, given the option, 'Who would you be MORE concerned about being stuck in a broken elevator with? An nerd-ragin' Apple fanboy, or a geopolitically-aware activist/citizen journalist who invokes uncomfortable questions, even prompting a joshing sarcastic answer from Stephen Colbert referring to the "Illumi-na-tai"?'

Well, given the option between a sweaty dude vs. Sierra Adamson (Luke's current girlfriend who asked the question in that video; sorry Rudkowski: I luv ya brah, but this is merely a hypothetical, my man xD)?

I'm picking Luke's girl, over an Apple fanboy on nerd-rage, any day.


So, ya see the hypocrisy and selective 'outrage,' from my POV, watching all your responses so far?

Be that as it may. This will be my last reply on this particular matter: it was nothin' to begin with, either way. It's no bigs.

IF you do end up buying it and enjoy it, I am truly happy for you. Because, frankly, that's the only thing that SHOULD matter. NOT, what you think what I think of your purchase decision, or others who want to camp out to buy it. As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you.

- Been fun .0)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul