Comment: Straight out of MSNBC...

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Straight out of MSNBC...

You are more than welcome to not like video games, but to make broad brush statements and straw man arguments, and then attack them with unfounded emotional rants presented as unequivocal fact is utterly ridiculous. Even the title begins with a presupposition.

>> "Without question, and beyond a reasonable doubt games like Grand Theft Auto are created and being used for all the wrong reasons."

Without question, and beyond a reasonable doubt? This kind of unsupported rhetoric is the kind of thing I would expect from MSNBC.

>> "I never liked violent video games."

So don't play them.

>> "I try not to judge them, but can't help myself."

At least you realize you're being judgmental.

>> "Don't they have anything else better to do? This is what they do in their spare time? Why are they so attracted to...evil, and pay for it?"

I don't know what your hobbies are, and don't care to judge them. Once again, a magnanimous presupposition that games are "evil"

>> "Why would a parent ever buy such a thing for their son or daughter?"

That's a great question. It is a Mature game. Perhaps without realizing it, you have struck the real chord of discontent and underlying issue: PARENTING.

When I was a kid, I played Dungeons & Dragons. Daytime talk TV shows claimed it made kids kill people and worship the devil (which doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense if you knew anything about the game). I played all manner of roleplaying games from pen/paper/dice to video games, and have most recently completed the last of the complete line of Assassin's Creed video games. Due to my supposedly uncanny ability to discern reality from moving pictures on a screen, I am able to NOT have the desire to kill people in any way shape or form.

Video games are FICTION. It's ironic that those who blindly rage against "violent video games" are the ones who cannot seem to separate fiction from reality. It's amazing that water guns, laser tag, movies, and books have survived the attacks of the ignorant thus far. Can we ban Hot Wheels cars, because they've created a generation of crazed dangerous city-drivers? Let's ban rocks, that were thrown at twigs floating down a stream that represented enemy battleships.

Man! If we could just get those terrorists to stop playing violent video games, the world would be at peace.

I find your post demeaning and contemptible.