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Comment: Isn't it curious though

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Isn't it curious though

that you have the well established media whore Chris Wallace calling out the GOP establishment on their treatment of Cruz. Going out of his way to portray Cruz as this anti establishment martyr. As if this was the first time the GOP sent Wallace and the msm hosts opposition research on a member of the republican party. Do you remember the interviews during Ron Paul's campaign for the republican nomination? These losers were all reading from the same gop provided "opposition research" script, so doesn't it strike you as odd that Wallace calls this his "strangest week in washington" suddenly finding issue and calling out the GOP for providing research on one of their own.

...and now GQ has jumped on the cruz bandwagon painting him as the enemy of the well entrenched insider.

Seems the establishment is aware of the sudden shift in the GOP and are trying to create their own "anti establishment" candidate to capitalize on the sentiment and control the opposition. It's political co-opting 101.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb