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Thank you for the review

I appreciate it. You are a bookworm too, like me and the poster-formerly-known-as-Chris.

My dad was a child of the depression. Born in 1918. He was always a very frugal man. He was the kind of guy who would find a piece of string on the sidewalk, pick it up, and think about how he could use it later.

Luckily, I picked up many of his frugal habits. I don't pick up string, but in Boston, especially in the spring and fall, students throw a lot of stuff out on the street. Picking through all that free stuff truly is one of the great pleasures in life.

But anyway - I have the book. Haven't read it. Plan to one day. The fact that you liked it puts more emphasis on me to eventually read it one day.

Looking forward to your next review. Hope we have more forgotten presidents. Like Ron Paul said once - he'd like to be the president of Switzerland. No one knows who it is!