Comment: Nice find! And other infiltrators in our movement.

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Nice find! And other infiltrators in our movement.

A key strategy of the authoritarian, criminal cabal is to infiltrate movements. It does appear that Ted Cruz very well could be an infiltrator.

Other recent infiltrators (IMHO):

1) Mitt Romney (to lead Mormons astray and lead conservatives from Ron Paul).
2) Harry Reid (another Mormon wolf in sheep's clothing, though I'm not sure of the effect of mainstream Mormonism following him.)
3) Glenn Beck (not to keep pointing out Mormon infiltrators, but I do believe Beck is the BEST example of infiltration in the Mormon Church. He's a convert, and yet he's Skull and Bones and ALWAYS avoids exposing the New World Order/ Fed Reserve banking cartel which are the real shadow government).
4) Jesse Benton (it appears he was an infiltrator. He married a granddaughter of Ron Paul, and then leveraged Ron's love of family to wiggle his way into a key leadership position where he ably sabotaged Ron's campaign).
5) Ted Cruz I think has been sent by the Establishment to thwart Rand's bid for the 2016 Republican nomination). Ted is another wolf in sheep's clothing, it appears. Ted may be the best yet, rivaling or surpassing the long-prepared and patient Mitt Romney. All Mitt had going for him was he was a good family man, a "good Mormon," but his policies spoke for themselves and exposed him. He trampled the Constitution by his ACTS, and rarely spoke in favor of the Constitution and Liberty. On the other hand, Ted's speeches overflow with praise for the Constitution, and he is actually DOING some good things, but he supports perpetual war and that has become the litmus test for whether one is REAL or not. That AND actions that demonstrates a fidelity to the Constitution.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford