Comment: Breitbart is stuck in left/right paradigm. I can't stand it.

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Breitbart is stuck in left/right paradigm. I can't stand it.

I looked at the comments below the Breitbart article, and this one from "john copper" was thoroughly down-voted and "awaiting moderation":

This all is just showboating. They are acting like this is the fight of the century. They would never get 60 votes to defund, and Obama would veto. Why is the media covering a stalemate? Both sides and the media know this is going nowhere. They are trying to keep the public distracted so something slips by. It will be in the "Deal" that is made that cuts something to fund Obama Care. The Devils in the details.

The poster was attacked for being a progressive troll. Ironically, Breitbart is dead set on keeping everyone locked on this fake fight over Obamacare. The above quoted comment is true. Cruz is making a name for himself show boating. Our so-called representatives have NO INTENTION of actually getting rid of Obamacare. This is just like the debt ceiling fight. It is not really a fight. Both sides want it, and they don't care if the public is opposed. As I have said before, the only way that Obamacare is going away is through a national bankruptcy or a coup d'etat.

Ronald Regan made a name for himself by promising to abolish the unconstitutional Department of Education if elected in 1980. How did that work out for we the people?