Comment: It's a crap statement and video

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It's a crap statement and video

They show the same loser taking hit after hit after hit after hit of refined cannabis. This is no different of showing some loser take shot after shot after shot after shot of Moonshine.

There needs to video showing people popping 'legal' drugs like Oxycotin, Xanex, Loratab, Aderal, and the list goes on for hundreds of lines.

I 'dabbed' when I was in California last. It put me on my butt for a few minutes, but no different than the first time I tried marijuana. Much cleaner buzz and since I don't smoke cigarettes, it didn't make my lungs or throat hurt.

Binge Drinking and Binge Smoking is pretty common among people who have very little aspirations and/or responsibilities in life. If you have aspirations and/or responsibilities (i.e. career, spouse, children, etc) and you Binge Drink or Smoke, you run an extreme possibility of ruining your desired life experiences.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.