Comment: That is the name used for the papal seat.

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That is the name used for the papal seat.

PLEASE stop distorting the messages DPers are trying to convey. We are not discussing religious views. This is about politics and the Catholic Church is and always has been a major player. Now is a crucial time in the game and it wouldn't be a good idea to dismiss this particular Pope's role in the coming NWO.

Nobody here needs to be preached at by another DPer... least of all me. I would ask that you kindly treat people the way you would want them to treat you. You have a right to your version of the Truth, just as everyone else does. This is a place for politics, not evangelization. We've had enough of the "holy wars" comments like yours perpetuate.

Your comments have turned people off from learning more about things that interest them, as you go off topic which leads away from the subject to be discussed. It's called trolling. I'm sure you didn't intend to troll but, that is what you are doing.

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